Daily Schedule

Miss Jessica’s Home Montessori is an EEC licensed small family daycare offering a warm, cozy environment where children can learn and have fun. Our curriculum includes traditional Montessori materials as well as homemade materials inspired by the children's interests and needs. I refresh the work in each area regularly according to the seasons and monthly themes.


Upon arrival, children may choose an activity from the shelves (work), help with early morning jobs in the classroom which include folding laundry, adjusting chairs, caring for plants, and preparing snack for the day.

Circle Time

We have a daily morning circle time. This is a time when we all come together as a group. We sing songs, play games, do movement activities, read books, have group lessons, share important announcements, and discuss the weather. It is our way of beginning the day together. 

Work Period

Work period is the child’s opportunity to work uninterruptedly with materials they choose for themselves. Individual and small group lessons are offered at this time. Children may also choose to take part in Art or Cooking projects. Snacks will be made available to the children to serve themselves as they feel hungry throughout the morning. 

Outdoor Play

During outdoor playtime, we will spend time playing in the yard and caring for our garden. Some days we will use this time to walk to local playgrounds or attend story times and sing-alongs at the library or other local child-friendly spots. 


Children will gather to enjoy a meal together.

Rest Time

Children will nap during this time or enjoy quiet activities on their rest mats.

Afternoon Snack and Story-time 

After waking up from a long nap, we'll enjoy a healthy snack together while Miss Jessica reads stories.

Free Play

Children may complete any unfinished morning work. They are welcome to choose work independently and take lessons. Puzzles, blocks, and other manipulative toys will be made available at this time.

Outdoor Play

We'll head out to the yard to play while we wait for our families to pick-up.


*Please note that we will try our best to maintain a consistent routine, however our schedule is subject to change according to the individual needs of families and children in my care.

*Infants and toddlers will follow an individual feeding and napping schedule, and they will be offered time throughout the day to move freely and achieve mastery of their bodies through self-initiated movement, including multiple opportunities to practice emerging skills in coordination, movement, balance, and perceptual-motor integration.