Meet Miss Jessica

I have been working in the field of early childhood education for over 10 years. I possess a Master's degree in early childhood from New York University and I am a Montessori certified teacher. When I had my daughter in 2014, I made the decision to open a small family daycare in my home where I could continue teaching, but also be able to spend time with my own child. I operated for over 4 years in my Melrose home before making the decision to relocate to Ipswich where we could be closer to family and enjoy all of the natural beauty that the North Shore has to offer. My mission is to offer high-quality, affordable education and care to young children following the Montessori approach. 


My vision is for a home daycare dedicated to true Montessori principles where the children I care for can grow into autonomous, caring, responsive, and responsible people who seek to become life-long learners.


Guided by the Montessori method, I have created a beautiful, home-learning environment that embraces each child's unique potential and cultivates a passion for discovery.  Independence, self-esteem, creativity, and enthusiasm for learning are fostered through joyful and purposeful activity.